Underwater Inspections & Surveys

National Marine Services can provide a wide range of underwater inspection and survey services to consult engineers, local and regional authorities.

Our commercial divers posses the knowledge and the equipment to review and evaluate the structural integrity of assets with underwater components.

National Marine Services has many years of experience in carrying out underwater surveys and inspection work. From basic visual inspection to more detailed engineering surveys.

Many inspection and testing methods are available depending on the structural configuration or specific problem being addressed.

Typical services include:

  • Underwater and confined space structural inspections
  • Underwater video CCTV equipment and voice communications
  • ROV inspections and recording
  • Still photography
  • (NDT) - Non destructive testing
  • (UWILD) surveys - Underwater inspection in lieu of dry-docking
  • Support for Environmental Surveys
  • Underwater video inspections for all marine structures such as bridges, piers, dock and harbour walls, jetties, lock gates, marinas, pontoons, moorings, intakes and outfalls, pipelines, sonars, Cathodic protection and water treatment plants

Underwater inspection
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